Burning down the house, painting installation, Kunstnernes Hus

With reference to the title of the well known tune by Talking Heads from the eighties, this installation was meant to remake the space visually and mentally into a virtual sea of flames. The painted flames – picked from the design used by Burger King on their paperbags – extended horisontally along the skirting board of the room like a patterned ribbon. Fire is a strong, archetypical and catastrophic symbol with different connotations, for instance to purification, energy and something immensely powerful. It also relates to transformation, transition and change, an important concern in other of my works, as this installation also is a temporary intervention and comment on an institutional space. A sea of flames will associate in widely different directions for different viewers. When this installation was made, many people, myself included, were concerned and scared by the conflict in Kosovo, where thousands of peopleĀ  experienced how their houses and villages were burnt down and the world they knew literally was on fire.

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